St Andrew’s Day:  An initiative that will connect Scotland’s diaspora around the world


The month of November is the time of year when nations all across the world commemorate St. Andrew’s Day.

This spirit is passed on by Scots and supporters of Scotland all over the world. In Scotland, a large number of people get together to celebrate the generosity of our patron saint via the sharing of food, music, and friendship.

Following centuries of migration from our shores, numerous international St. Andrew’s Day Societies have been created by Scots. These societies are responsible for leading a variety of events. Additionally, we are able to witness celebrations from our extensive alumni and business groups, as well as from individuals who simply adore Scotland’s culture.

We consider the diaspora of Scotland to be an extension of Scotland itself, and we place a high importance on the efforts that these foreign defenders of Scottish culture make to keep connections with our nation.

Since this is the case, we are launching two new digital tools on on the occasion of St. Andrew’s Day in order to assist in connecting Scotland’s diaspora all over the world, to reinforce existing connections, and to connect with everyone who has a connection to Scotland or who want to have a connection to Scotland.

To begin, a brand new online registration tool that allows anyone to join up as members of Scotland’s diaspora. This will allow individuals to receive frequent updates on news in Scotland, as well as information about similar activities that are taking place in their vicinity, as well as resources and ideas for how to celebrate festivals such as St. Andrew’s Day, Hogmanay, and Burns Night.

Second, a new community directory that will compile all of the Scottish organizations and activities into a single, easily accessible list. This directory will assist those who are living or traveling in other parts of the world in locating ways to interact with Scotland regardless of where they are.

We have already received registrations from organizations hailing from a wide range of countries, including South Korea, Uruguay, Mexico, and Western Australia.

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We are trying to sign up groups that are as different in terms of their occupations as they are geographically. These groups range from traditional Highland Games and Scottish country dancing to the new connections that are being formed by graduates of our world-class universities and colleges as well as persons who are conducting business in this area.

Scotland’s profile and reputation are elevated as a result of global ties such as these. For this reason, they are extremely important to the economy of Scotland since they encourage people and businesses to come here to visit, study, live, work, and conduct business.

After London, Scotland continues to be the most appealing location in the United Kingdom for foreign investment. This is largely attributable to the efforts of Scottish Development foreign and our network of worldwide offices.

For the second year in a row, Scotland surpassed the United Kingdom in terms of foreign direct investment, according to the EY Attractiveness survey on foreign direct investment. Scotland obtained a record 126 inbound investment projects in the previous year.

The significance of this interest can be seen in the numbers provided by Scottish Development International, which demonstrate that over the course of the previous year, inward investment was responsible for the creation of more than 8,500 employment across twenty different local councils.

Beyond the realm of business, our Scottish Connections Framework, which was published earlier this year, outlines our strategy to broaden our diaspora by interacting with the tens of thousands of overseas students who attend our world-class educational institutions on an annual basis.

During their time at university or college, many of these students create a connection with Scotland that will last a lifetime. These students come from a variety of nations and represent some of the most brilliant minds in the world.

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There are already a substantial number of tourists from countries such as the United States of America, Canada, and Australia who have informed us that one of the reasons they chose to travel to Scotland was because of their background.

According to some estimates, there are as many as forty million people around the world who consider themselves to have Scottish heritage. This means that we have a great deal more people to welcome.

Our goal is to assist in the development of a healthy and really worldwide community that will be of benefit to both our diaspora and our country. This will be accomplished by promoting new connections with all of these Scottish ties

Regardless of what you are doing on St. Andrew’s Day, I hope you make it a point to check in with your Scottish connections, no matter where they may be. If they are a valuable member of our diaspora, you should encourage them to stay in contact by signing up for


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