Former TV personality Stephen Bear released from prison


Stephen Bear, a former television personality, was freed from prison after serving a sentence of ten and a half months in detention.

Bear, a resident of Loughton, Essex, was given a sentence of twenty-one months in prison in March of last year for violating the terms of his ex-partner’s consent by releasing a sex tape.

This individual was found guilty of voyeurism as well as the disclosure of private sexual images and recordings by a jury.

After serving fifty percent of his sentence, he was released from the Brixton Mansion in London.

There is still a sentence that Bear is serving on licence.

Stephen Bear released from prison

In the course of the trial that took place in 2022 at the Chelmsford Crown Court, the 34-year-old individual, who had triumphed in Celebrity Big Brother in 2016, rejected all accusations.

The trial’s jurors were informed of the fact that a CCTV video of Bear and his ex-partner Georgia Harrison, who is 29 years old, was uploaded on OnlyFans in August of 2020. The video showed the two of them having sexual relations in Bear’s yard.

According to the testimony presented during the trial, Bear posted the video “either himself or had it uploaded to OnlyFans and profited financially.”

Bear was not only required to do time in jail, but he was also required to sign a special registry for sexual offenders and was subject to notification obligations for a period of ten years.

On Wednesday, the individual, who was 34 years old, stepped out of prison while also carrying two black holdall bags.

After giving up her legal right to remain anonymous, Ms. Harrison has become an advocate against the practice of “revenge porn” and is currently participating in the Love Island All Stars competition on ITV.

In her words, she expressed that her stay in the Love Island villa will be a much-needed getaway.

Ms. Harrison made the following statement prior to her participation in the show: “I really feel like I’ve missed out on that in the last couple of years because I’ve been fighting for myself and other women, which I will continue to do, but I’m just going to have a little six-week break.” “I am going to take a sabbatical.”

When a license is issued to a person who has committed a crime, they are subject to stringent limitations, such as restrictions on where they can travel and who they can contact.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice explained: “Prisoners released on licence are kept under the close supervision of the Probation Service for the remainder of their sentence and can be recalled to prison if they breach the strict conditions of their release.”


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