Sticky Vicky: Legendary Benidorm performer has passed away at the age of 80


Sticky Vicky, a legendary entertainer from Benidorm, has passed away at the age of eighty.

“Sticky Vicky,” whose birth name was Victoria María Aragüés Gadea, has sadly died away at the age of 80, as validated by her family, who are in a state of profound sorrow. Over the course of three decades, “Sticky Vicky,” who was famous for her daring X-rated performances and exotic dances, was a well-liked figure at the vacation resort.

She would captivate audiences with her performances. As a result of the news of her passing, there has been a flood of tributes from admirers who came to see her do her world-famous acts.

Maria Gadea, Sticky Vicky’s daughter, expressed her extreme sorrow and astonishment at the news of her mother’s departure on Facebook. She also shared the news with her friends. Maria paid tribute to her mother when she was surrounded by her family. She said, “I thank God for being able to always be by her side, I am left with a broken heart.”

Sticky Vicky continued to captivate admirers who traveled from far and wide to witness her legendary performances, despite the fact that she was experiencing health difficulties, including a hospitalization in July due to a knee injury. The news of her passing prompted a flood of tributes to be posted on the internet, with admirers remembering her as a genuine entertainer who left an unforgettable impression on Benidorm.

She was born in 1943, and she rose to prominence all over the world because to her daring X-rated stage performances and exotic dances. A cult following of admirers who were intrigued by her one-of-a-kind and daring performances was built up by Sticky Vicky over the course of about thirty years, during which time she was a mainstay in Benidorm’s entertainment scene.

Audiences from all over the world came to watch her performances because of the outrageous stunts she performed and the provocative tone of her presentations. She started to be seen as a representation of Benidorm’s nightlife, and a great number of tourists specifically sought out her performances.

Sticky Vicky

The outpouring of support that Gadea has gotten from her admirers is a testament to her determination to carry on the legacy of her mother.

There was a deluge of messages of affection and pleasant memories on social media, with one fan recalling Sticky Vicky as the personification of Benidorm’s entertainment scene. Another person offered their sympathies, recognizing the legendary significance of the singer, and wishing her rest for all eternity.

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In 2016, Sticky Vicky decided to retire, leaving a hole that was attempted to be filled by imitators in the entertainment industry. In a previous interview with the Daily Star, Maria Gadea reflected on her mother’s atypical career, highlighting the singularity of Sticky Vicky’s performances that brought Benidorm to the forefront of the entertainment industry.


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