Jesse Rodriguez vs. Sunny Edwards result and highlights: Massive knockdown, corner stoppage, and all the fight highlights


Last night, in the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona, the World Boxing Organization (WBO) flyweight champion Jesse Rodriguez and the International Boxing Federation (IBF) flyweight champion Sunny Edwards contested against each other.

By the time the WBO and IBF flyweight unification match was scheduled to take place, Rodriguez was a slight favorite among the oddsmakers, and it was pretty clear why this was the case. Throughout the remainder of the fight, he maintained his dominance over Edwards by keeping his foot on the throttle from the moment the bell rang.

During the battle, Sunny Edwards had a difficult time finding his footing due to the persistent pressure that Rodriguez applied.

In addition, Edwards sustained a significant amount of damage during the fight, and it appeared that the damage he sustained in this bout was greater than the damage he had undergone in the twenty fights that came before it.

Near the end of the ninth round, Rodriguez was able to secure a knockdown that was decisive and decisive. Despite the fact that Edwards was able to rise up despite the fact that he was in no position to fight after the round was over, his corner made the decision to give up before the tenth round began.

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‘Bam’s’ most impressive victory to date is without a doubt this one, as he raised his record to 19-0 while simultaneously unifying the WBO and IBF flyweight titles.


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