‘We Lost a Legend’: Sylvester Stallone and Rocky Cast Remember Carl Weathers


In memory of the late Carl Weathers, friends and coworkers are paying their respects.

The actor who was born in New Orleans and was known for his appearances in Rocky, Predator, and The Mandalorian “died peacefully in his sleep” on Thursday, according to a statement from his family, as reported by Deadline and Variety. He was 76 years old.

The heavyweight boxing champion Apollo Creed was portrayed by Weathers, who had previously played linebacker for the National Football League, in the film that won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1976 and in several of its sequels.

In the wake of Weathers’ demise, his family of co-stars in the critically acclaimed film trilogy paid tribute to the actor.

Sylvester Stallone, who is 77 years old, posted a message on Instagram that read, “We lost a legend yesterday.” The statement was accompanied by an emotional video tribute. On the day that I first met Carl Weathers, my life was transformed in a way that will last a lifetime. Do not let go of your power and continue to punch.”

According to what Stallone said in his video, he “never could have accomplished what we did with Rocky without” with the help of Weathers.

He was extremely great,” Stallone continued. “He was exceptional.” The most important thing about him is his heart and soul, but his voice, his size, his power, and his athletic skill are also vital. A terrible loss has occurred.”

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During the video, Stallone was seen standing in front of a painting depicting Rocky fighting Apollo. He mentioned that the artwork was a representation of one of the final moments that he and Weathers enjoyed inside of a boxing ring.

Sylvester Stallone and Rocky Cast Remember Carl Weathers
Carl Weathers and Sylvester Stallone in November 2015. PHOTO: YAHOO

The conclusion that Stallone reached was that “He was magic,” and that “I was so fortunate to be a part of his life.” “Therefore, Apollo, continue to punch.”

Creed, the sequel that was released in 2015, included Michael B. Jordan, who played Apollo’s son Adonis “Donnie” Creed. Jordan, who is 36 years old, paid tribute to the actor who played his on-screen father.

On Friday, the actor-director announced the passing of Weathers by posting a story on his Instagram account that contained a photo of Weathers along with the remark, “We lost a Legend.”

Sylvester Stallone and more mourn death of ‘Rocky’ actor Carl Weathers. PHOTO: ABC NEWS

The family of Weathers described him as “an exceptional human being who lived an extraordinary life” in the statement that they released on Friday to announce the news.

As a result of his contributions to the fields of film, television, the arts, and sports, he has left an indelible mark and is known all over the world and across generations simultaneously. As a brother, father, grandfather, partner, and friend, he was cherished by everybody who knew him.

While attending San Diego State University, Weathers participated in both the theater and football programs. He left his career as a professional football player in 1974 to pursue a career in acting, and he went on to have roles in blaxploitation films and television shows.

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In an interview that took place in 2015 with The Hollywood Reporter, Weathers detailed the process by which he was offered the role of Creed. “I just blurted out, ‘I could do a lot better if you got me a real actor to work with,'” he recalled feeling after reading in an audition opposite Stallone as Rocky.

He had experienced “a moment of awkwardness” during the audition. Therefore, I just insulted the main character in the film without actually being aware of it and without intending to do so.

On the other hand, Stallone cast him, he explained, presumably because that insult was in keeping with Creed’s personality. “The mistakes that you make are sometimes the ones that end up getting you the job.”


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