Taylor Swift kisses Travis Kelce and enjoy Wining Celebrate, dances to Love Story at Super Bowl afterparty


As the lyrics “You’ll be the prince, and I’ll be the princess” continued to play, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce showed each other affection by pointing to each other.

After the Super Bowl in 2024, singer Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, football player Travis Kelce, celebrated his victory over the San Francisco 49ers by throwing a party that lasted until the wee hours of the morning. The pair was seen dancing inside of a nightclub in a number of videos and photographs that were shared on various social media platforms.

Taylor and Travis celebrate his victory with a party

A video was taken of the two of them at the Wynn Las Vegas XS Nightclub, where they were seen. It was seen that they were dancing to the well-known song “Love Story” by Taylor.

In another video, they were seen dancing to a reworked version of the song. During the time that the lyrics “You’ll be the prince, and I’ll be the princess” were being played, they even pointed their fingers at each other. Additionally, Taylor and Travis shared a hug and a kiss with one another.

As reported by People, the party proceeded until 5.15 in the morning, during which time the pair in question shared some chicken fingers. They also enjoyed fries with the entrée, which were given to them in the VIP part of the club, according to the article, which cited the Vegas nightclub as its source.

In addition, Travis completed a number of championship laps in the club. Approximately four in the morning, Travis joined Taylor in order to take in the fact that he had won the Super Bowl more than once.

Travis and Taylor, As they groove to her song

You Belong with Me was another one of Taylor’s tracks, and another clip showed Travis dancing along with it while he was standing in the DJ booth. While singing the song, Taylor was seen in the crowd pointing to Travis, who was sitting in the booth during the performance.

Both of them wore black attire just for the occasion of the gathering. Additionally, a video shown Taylor and Travis sitting next to one other while moving their heads in a playful manner. During the course of the video, Travis was seen walking behind Taylor while assisting her in putting on a jacket.


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