Taylor Swift supports Travis Kelce and the Chiefs in the AFC final


She is sitting in the bleachers (or a suite at M&T Bank Stadium) while wearing short skirts. Taylor Swift is wearing short skirts.

On Sunday, Miss Americana traveled to Baltimore in order to show her support for her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, who plays tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and won the AFC championship game against the Baltimore Ravens from the Baltimore Ravens.

Following the victory, CBS broadcast a video of Swift celebrating on the field alongside the squad. She was seen putting a large kiss on Kelce and embracing him on many occasions for extended hugs.

On Sunday, Swift arrived at the stadium with her best friend Brittany Mahomes. She was dressed in a scarlet sweater, a black skirt, and tights, and she was wearing a big black coat over her outfit.

Cara Delevingne and Keleigh Teller were sitting next to her in the suites that she had returned to.

As soon as Kelce scored the first touchdown of the game, the video feed immediately went to Swift, and she looked to yell out, “Travis!” “Oh my God!” he said as he joyfully celebrated his difficult grab in the end zone among the other people in the apartment.

In addition, Swift was seen holding up ten fingers, which is the number that is printed on his jersey, as the Chiefs’ running back Isiah Pacheco scored the next six points.

Swift was not seen in public with Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce, but Kylie Kelce stated on ABC’s “Good Morning America” that the three of them will be attending the game on Sunday.

Taylor Swift supports Travis Kelce and the Chiefs in the AFC
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift celebrate in Baltimore. (IMAGE CREDIT BY PEOPLE)

Last Saturday, after scoring a touchdown against the Buffalo Bills, Jason Kelce made headlines by removing his shirt amidst the celebration.

Swift may have missed her final chance to watch Kelce play this season if she did not attend the game on Sunday.

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On February 7, she is scheduled to come back to Japan to continue her “Eras Tour,” and on February 10, she will give a performance in the Tokyo Dome, which is the day before the Super Bowl.

As a result, some people have hypothesized that she will have plenty of time to board her jet and be in Las Vegas in time for the game to begin. This is due to the fact that Tokyo is 17 hours ahead of Las Vegas, which means that she will have practically a full day to spare.


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