Team USA wins fourth straight Master’U BNP Paribas Championship


One of the most prestigious competitions in the world of university tennis, the Master’U BNP Paribas Championships, has been won by the United States of America for the 12th time in the history of the tournament. This is the fourth consecutive championship that the United States has won.

Despite the fact that the top two seeded teams in the final were Team USA (1) and Team Great Britain (2), the star power of both teams was on full show on Sunday. This was due to the fact that many of the best players from the NCAA ranks dressed up for their respective countries to compete for a championship.

Team USA showed no indications of stepping down from their peak, putting up many of their finest results of the competition when the spotlight were highest. This means that they will be competing in the championship for the fifth consecutive event.

With a 6-3, 6-2 victory over Victoria Allen of Florida State, the No. 1 ranked player in the ITA Collegiate Tennis Rankings, Mary Stoiana of Texas A&M University, who was competing at the No. 2 women’s singles line, gave Team USA an early lead. Stoiana is now ranked as the best player in the country.

At the end of the event, Stoiana was undefeated in every single competition. She finished with a perfect score of 2-0 in singles and 2-0 in doubles, claiming a victory in both the women’s and mixed doubles divisions.

After Stoiana, it was Murphy Cassone of Arizona State who continued the momentum for the United States of America. He defeated Finn Bass of Baylor by a score of 6-1, 7-6 (3) from the No. 2 men’s singles line.

Cassone, who was the 2023 ITA Men’s All-American Championship Finalist, maintained his successful fall season in France, finishing 4-0 across all play this weekend. Cassone’s performance was a continuation of his dominance.

Having taken the lead in the match by a score of 2-0, the next player to triumph for Team USA was Fiona Crawley of North Carolina. Crawley, who was named the 2023 ITA National Player of the Year, defeated Amelia Rajecki of North Carolina State, who was ranked first in the women’s singles competition.

The only other American to win multiple Master’U Championships since the tournament’s inception is Crawley, who just became the fifth American to do so.

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As a means of securing the championship, Team USA sought the assistance of Eliot Spizzirri, a player from Texas who holds the top spot in the ITA Collegiate Tennis Rankings for men’s tennis.

After losing a close match against France the day before, Spizzirri was able to get back on track today and defeat Michael Shaw by a score of 6-3, 7-6 (4) to ensure that the United States of America would ultimately win the tournament.

This triumph held even more meaning for Team USA coach Greg Patton, who had previously served as the head coach at Boise State. Patton’s victory in the Master’s University triumph was his final championship as the coach of the United States.

Patton leaves behind a legacy that will be remembered for many years to come by both his teammates and his country. He was the one who led the United States to victory in all twelve of its championships.


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