After six seasons, Titans coach Mike Vrabel is fired


On Tuesday, the Tennessee Titans announced that they had sacked coach Mike Vrabel after the team had two consecutive losing seasons. Although Vrabel may have had trade value to other teams that were looking to fill a head-coaching position, the owner of the organization stated that she did not want to wait out such a scenario.

The controlling owner, Amy Adams Strunk, was questioned about whether or not she had considered trading the coach rather than firing him in an interview that was published by the team on Tuesday day.

Certainly, there was. On the other hand, there is a slight misunderstanding regarding the difference between a player’s contract and a coach’s contract. When it comes to a coach’s contract, it is impossible to trade them unless they are willing to be a willing partner in the transaction, she explained.

“So, yes, we thought about it but at the end of the day with league rules the way they are it would have maybe put us back three weeks and you know, to get the right head coach I was just not willing to go to the back of the line and take a chance of missing out on someone we really wanted.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Strunk informed Vrabel that she had informed him that her decision to terminate him “was as difficult as any I’ve made as Controlling Owner.” This comment was included in the announcement that Vrabel had been fired.

One year after the Titans made a change in the general manager position by hiring Ran Carthon, Vrabel was terminated from his position.

Dispelling rumors to the contrary, Carthon stated at a press conference that he and Vrabel never had any problems together. The news conference took place on Tuesday afternoon.

Whether it was for professional or personal reasons, we were able to work effectively together and maintain a positive connection. As he put it, “We were in perfect sync.” “… I wish Vrabes nothing but the best, I consider him a friend and I feel like we’ll be that way moving forward.”

Following his arrival in 2018, Vrabel, who is 48 years old, guided the Tennessee Titans to four consecutive winning seasons. However, the Titans have had back-to-back difficult seasons, having finished several games below. 500 in both of those seasons.

Strunk will be involved in the hunt for the team’s next coach, according to Carthon, who stated that the team will begin “an exhaustive” search for the position.

Tuesday was the day when Carthon said he had individual meetings with all of the assistant coaches on the squad. He also stated that the new head coach will decide whether or not to keep any of the present staff members.

Titans coach Mike Vrabel is fired

After being taken by the Titans in the second round of the draft the previous year, quarterback Will Levis went on to start nine games for the team. The Titans currently have the seventh overall pick in the draft for the year 2024.

Carthon stated that the decision to start Levis over veteran Ryan Tannehill during the season was made in concert by himself, Vrabel, and Strunk for the Titans. Strunk was also involved in the decision-making process.

Levis was advised by the general manager, “You don’t have to be No. 1,” before he made his first start, according to the general manager. Simply put, you have to be one of eleven.'”

Will Levis is not going to be the focus of our entire search that we are conducting. As he explained, “We have other guys on this team who are going to require coaching, and they are going to require development. However, we are going to bring someone in here who sees it the same way and is more than willing to work with him.”

In an interview with The Athletic, Derrick Henry, a talented running back for the Titans who will become a free agent in March, expressed his shock at Vrabel’s decision to fire him.

The Titans were awarded the No. 1 seed in the AFC in 2021, the same year that Vrabel was voted NFL Coach of the Year. Vrabel led Tennessee to consecutive AFC South championships in 2020 and 2021. In addition, the Titans won the AFC South championship in each of those years.

In his final season with the Titans, Vrabel finished with a record of 54-45. During the postseason, he had a record of 2-3, an accomplishment that included leading Tennessee to the AFC Championship Game in 2019.


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