U.S. aircraft attack Iraqi and Syrian targets with ties to Iran


As a form of vengeance for a drone attack that resulted in the deaths of three American service members, the United States carried out a series of strikes against Iranian-linked forces in Iraq and Syria on Friday. These strikes included the destruction of facilities that were utilized by Tehran’s elite Revolutionary Guards.

According to the United States military, 85 targets were targeted across seven different locations. These targets included those affiliated with the Quds Force, which is a contingent of the guards, as well as Iranian-backed militia in the region.

In response to the drone attack on a base on the Jordan-Syrian border that resulted in the deaths of three American servicemen a month ago, the United States President Joe Biden announced that this was the first of a series of retaliatory strikes that would be carried out.

After the strikes were carried out, Vice President Biden stated, “Our response went into effect today.” A continuation of it will take place at times and locations of our choosing.

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on Saturday condemning the bombings as a violation of international law and stating that the United States was guilty of “another adventurous and strategic error.”

A total of sixteen persons, including civilians, were killed as a result of the strikes, which were criticized by the Iraqi government as well.

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According to a statement released by the office of the Iraqi prime minister on Saturday, “this aggressive strike will put security in Iraq and the region on the brink of the abyss.”

U.S. aircraft attack Iraqi and Syrian
US retaliates with airstrikes on Iran-backed bases in Iraq and Syria. PHOTO: TIME NEWS

According to the Syrian military, the strikes resulted in the deaths of “many civilian and military martyrs,” although they did not provide any further specifics.

It was stated by him that the United States of America does not intend to provoke conflict in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world. But let everyone who might try to hurt us know that we will take action if you hurt an American. If you hurt an American, we will take action.

In addition to being distinct from the normal military of Iran, the Revolutionary Guards are a highly trained and specialized military force that is responsible for protecting the regime in Tehran.

In addition to being in charge of operations overseas, the Quds Force is also responsible for training and arming regional militant groups around the area.

According to senior sources from the United States, the strikes were carried out by a variety of aircraft, including long-range B1 bombers. Lieutenant General Douglas Sims, who is the director for operations for the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, disclosed that the bombers took off from the United States “in a single nonstop flight.”

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Iran’s so-called Axis of Resistance, which includes Iranian-backed terrorists such as Hizbollah in Lebanon and Houthi rebels in Yemen, has been responsible for strikes against Israel ever since the war with Hamas began. The Islamic Revolutionary Forces (IRI) is a member of this Axis of Resistance.

U.S. aircraft attack Iraqi and Syrian
Air attacks were the first of what US President Joe Biden warned would be retaliation strikes. PHOTO: FT.COM

Some Republicans have been putting pressure on Vice President Biden to launch an attack against Iran in response to the attacks that occurred last week. These attacks come after months of attacks by Houthi rebels on commercial vessels in the Red Sea, which is a crucial maritime corridor for international trade.

In recent days, the president has had multiple meetings with his national security staff in order to determine the best reaction to the attack. The president ultimately decided to launch the attack.


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