Valley Forge speech by Biden marks 3 years since Jan. 6 Capitol riot


President Joe Biden intends to deliver a speech at Valley Forge, the location where George Washington staged American troops during the Revolutionary War, in order to commemorate the passage of three years since the riot that occurred in the Capitol in 2021.

During his speech on Saturday in Pennsylvania, he made statements with the intention of portraying the presidential election of 2024 as a struggle for democracy.

It was announced by Mr. Biden’s campaign for reelection that he will also be giving a speech the following week at the Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

This church was the location of the shooting that took place in 2015 at the hands of a white supremacist. In this regard, Mr. Biden intends to contrast himself with former President Donald Trump and the “anti-freedom agenda” of his “[Make America Great Again] apostles,” according to the Biden campaign.

“When Joe Biden ran for president four years ago, he said that we are in a ‘battle for the soul of America,’ and as we look towards November 2024, we still are,” said Julie Chavez Rodriguez, the campaign manager for Joe Biden, during a briefing on campaign strategy taken on Wednesday.

The briefing that was given by top officials from the Biden campaign was mostly focused on Trump, and they made reference to him more than a dozen times during the course of the session, which lasted for less than thirty minutes.

“The threat that Donald Trump posed in 2020 to American democracy has only grown more dire in the years since,” Chavez Rodriguez stated. He also added that the campaign for the reelection of Joe Biden is being run as if the “fate of our democracy depends on it — because it does.”

Michael Tyler, the communications director for the Biden campaign, stated that if another Republican presidential candidate other than Donald Trump were to win the nomination, that candidate would “have done so by hard tacking to the most extreme positions that we have seen in recent American history.”

This statement was made two weeks before the first Republican presidential primary contest in Iowa.

“Obviously, we have Donald Trump out here promising to rule as a dictator on day one, but every single one of them—[Nikki] Haley, [Ron] DeSantis—they’re about extreme abortion bans,” Tyler remarked. He also mentioned that Haley’s recent campaign trail omission of slavery as a cause of the Civil War was a point of interest.

However, campaign sources have informed CBS News that the sitting president’s travel will mostly focus on official White House duties until an official Republican presidential contender emerges.

The Biden campaign did not indicate whether or when the pace of Mr. Biden’s campaign trail appearances will ramp up, but they did say that it will.

On January 22, campaign officials stated that the president and Vice President Kamala Harris will use the 51st anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade, which granted abortion access nationwide until it was struck down in 2022, to make it clear that the focus on “freedom” that the Biden campaign has been putting forth is not just rhetoric.

In addition, the campaign intends to bring attention to the issue of book banning, condemn the interests of corporations, and emphasize the significance of free and fair elections.


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