Vin Diesel Sued by Former Assistant for Sexual Battery


A complaint was filed today in Los Angeles by a former assistant to the actor Vin Diesel, saying that the Fast and Furious star sexually assaulted her when she was working for him in the fall of 2010, during the making of Fast Five. The lawsuit was filed in the city of Los Angeles.

The following statement was issued by Bryan Freedman, the attorney for Vin Diesel, in response to Vanity Fair’s request for a comment: “Let me be very clear: Vin Diesel categorically denies this claim in its entirety.”

More than thirteen years have passed since this claim was made by a reportedly nine-day employee, and this is the first time he has ever heard of it. These ludicrous assertions are totally debunked by numerous pieces of evidence that are readily available.

In the lawsuit that was filed in Los Angeles and obtained by Vanity Fair, the plaintiff Asta Jonasson claims that she was employed by Diesel’s firm, One Race, to work for the actor on location in Atlanta, which was the place where Fast Five was being produced.

According to the lawsuit, Jonasson was a recent graduate of a film school program at the time. As part of her job, she was responsible for organizing parties, accompanying Diesel to parties, and making sure that she was in close physical proximity to him in the event that photographs were taken of him with other women when he attended events without his long-term girlfriend.

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According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, Jonasson was requested to wait in Diesel’s suite at the St. Regis hotel late one night in September of 2010. Diesel was entertaining hostesses that he had brought back from a club earlier that evening.

According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, Diesel “grabbed Ms. Jonasson’s wrists, one with each of his hands, and pulled her onto the bed” after the other ladies had left the room.

She pleaded with him to stop, managed to get away from him, and waited by the entrance of the apartment for him to leave with his luggage.

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Rather than that, the lawsuit claims that he approached Jonasson once more and started to grope her breasts and kiss her chest, despite the fact that she warned him to stop.

“Ms. Jonasson was afraid to more forcibly refuse her supervisor, knowing that getting him out of that room was both crucial to her personal safety and job security,” the suit says.

“Without him, she would have been in danger of losing her job.” “However, this hope was dashed when Vin Diesel got down on his knees, pushed Ms. Jonasson’s dress up toward her waist, and then proceeded to molester her body by running his hands over her upper legs, including her inner thighs,” the author writes.

According to the lawsuit, once Diesel moved to take down her panties, Jonasson screamed and raced down the corridor into the toilet. Once she arrived, Diesel held her to the wall and placed her hand on his erect penis, despite the fact that she vehemently refused to do so.

He allegedly masturbated while “terrified, Ms. Jonasson closed her eyes, trying to dissociate herself from the sexual assault and avoid angering him,” according to the allegations made in the lawsuit.

According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, Samantha Vincent, who is Diesel’s sister and the president of One Race, called Jonasson with the intention of terminating her employment after she had been working for less than two weeks.

According to the lawsuit, Jonasson’s “self-esteem was demolished, and she questioned her own skills and whether a successful career would require her to trade her body for advancement.”

“It was clear to her that she was being fired because she was no longer useful—Vin Diesel had used her to fulfill his sexual desires and she had resisted his sexual assaults,” the lawsuit states. Jonasson’s body was used to fulfill Diesel’s sexual desires.


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