Vladimir Putin held down shaking leg in Tucker Carlson chat amid health rumors


In the course of the two-hour interview with Tucker Carlson, a former host of Fox News, Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared to use his hand to calm his shaking leg, which prompted speculation about his health.

It was noted that Putin, who is 71 years old, was having difficulty controlling his wandering leg, which prompted him to use his hand to calm it down. Additionally, Putin was experiencing coughing fits and cleaning his throat.

During these moments, bombshell assertions were made, such as the assertion that Russia possesses superior “supersonic missiles” and the labeling of Evan Gershkovich, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, as a “spy.”

Concerns have been expressed in the past over the physical demeanour of the Russian President, such as when he made peculiar facial expressions at a meeting with the President of Belarus, Lukashenko, on January 28. There were many who questioned his health and suggested that he appeared to be confused.

Despite the fact that persistent rumors have been spreading regarding Putin’s health, including allegations of a heart collapse caused by a fall or cancer that requires the employment of body doubles, the Kremlin has continuously denied these claims even though they have been floating around.

A spokesman for the Kremlin named Dmitry Peskov stated once again that Vladimir Putin is in good health. He referred to these rumors as “fake news” and stated that they just serve to provide the Kremlin with reasons to laugh.

According to this statement made by Peskov, “Everything is fine with him, and this is absolutely another fake [rumor].” Fake news is a category that includes these [stories], which have been examined with an admirable level of tenacity by a number of different media sites. There is no other emotion that can be seen than a smile [in the Kremlin].

Vladimir Putin held down shaking leg in Tucker Carlson
Putin had never before spoken to a member of the Western media before to his full-scale invasion of Ukraine. (Photo: Mirror)

Concerns have been voiced in the past over Vladimir Putin’s state of health. Leaked documents claimed that Vladimir Putin suffered from early-stage Parkinson’s disease and pancreatic cancer, which caused him to experience pain as well as “a state of puffiness of the face and other side effects – including memory lapses.”

These allegations were made in the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. On the other hand, Russian officials refuted the allegations.

The appearance of Vladimir Putin during the interview was met with a variety of responses, despite the fact that speculation has been going on continually.

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Despite the fact that some people on social media platforms such as Twitter commented on his apparent good health, others continued to be skeptical, citing previous rumors regarding his health.

An individual who goes by the handle @RealCalvinX made the following statement: “Didn’t they say that Putin had cancer and was in really poor health? It appears to be a decent idea to me.

One other person, who goes by the handle @richardbteed, said, “Putin certainly does appear to be in good health.” Is it true that there has been a lot of talk concerning his health?

Since his full-scale invasion of Ukraine two years ago, this was the first time that Vladimir Putin had ever given an interview to a member of the Western media.

A significant portion of the conversation, which was shown on Tucker Carlson Network on Thursday, was devoted to Ukraine, where the conflict is getting close to reaching the two-year milestone.


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