Warriors beat Suns 113-112 on Stephen Curry 3-pointer with 0.7 seconds left


As soon as Bradley Beal made a desperate attempt to grab the ball from Stephen Curry with 3.3 seconds remaining on the clock, the Phoenix guard realized that he was taking a risky gamble.

Beal remarked that “He is the best to ever shoot it before.” Therefore, you are aware of the outcome after that.

Curry was able to receive the inbounds pass from Brandin Podziemski. Curry made a three-point shot from thirty-three feet away to help the Golden State Warriors defeat the Phoenix Suns by a score of 113-112 on Saturday night. This victory was the Warriors’ fourth consecutive victory and their sixth in the last seven games.

In his statement, Podziemski stated, “I just tried to get it to him.” Regardless of the length of time it took.

When asked about his ability to turn, Curry stated that it was “just muscle memory to shoot.”

Podziemski stated, “Only a shot that I think he would take,” based on his opinion. It is likely that a typical person would take a dribble or anything similar to that approach.

In his career, this was Curry’s tenth shot that won the game with five seconds or less remaining.

At this point in the season, the Warriors have played in six games that were decided by a single point, and they have a record of 17-18 in their league-leading 35 clutch games. This season, each of the four games that the Suns played against them were crucial contests.

The coach of the Warriors, Steve Kerr, stated that “we were due.” It was only a matter of time before one of these close games went in our favor. To be fair, the boys deserved it. It was not a random occurrence.”

Warriors beat Suns 113-112
Stephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors scores a fourth-quarter three-pointer against the Phoenix Suns at Chase Center on February 10, 2024 in San Francisco, California. (Image: NBC)

Phoenix was led by Devin Booker, who scored 32 points, and Kevin Durant, who scored 24 points. Immediately following Curry’s three-pointer, the Suns had two opportunities to score, but Booker was fouled beneath the basket on the first one, and Durant was unable to get a shot off on the second second.

The coach of the Suns, Frank Vogel, stated that his team “just wasn’t at our best.” “The basketball game that we played was pretty nice, and we performed well enough to win against these guys. In the closing two seconds of the game, a single play can shift the outcome.

The fact that Durant was Curry’s teammate on the Warriors and had won two championships with them meant that he was well aware of the significance of an open shot for Curry.

Stephen Curry and Draymond Green. (Image: Yahoo)

The statement was made by Durant, who stated, “You give him a look like that for the game, he’s licking his chops.” “I continue to believe that may have been a steal for us. It is a challenging play. There are moments when guys are simply that amazing.

In the season series, Golden State was able to escape being swept by the Suns, which allowed them to return to a winning record for the first time since December 25.

By the time the fourth quarter began, the Warriors held an 84-82 lead. When there were 35 seconds left on the clock, Booker made a turnaround jumper that gave the Suns a lead of 112-110.

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Golden State gained 21 points to their total thanks to Jonathan Kuminga. Draymond Green finished with a total of seven rebounds, nine assists, and 15 points.

After being acquired by the Suns at the trade deadline, Royce O’Neale made his first appearance for the team and scored three points. The other player that Phoenix acquired before the deadline, David Roddy, did not even play.

Gary Payton, who had been sidelined for the previous sixteen games due to a left hamstring issue, made his return for the Warriors. He scored eleven points.

After making a layup in the third quarter, Green received a technical penalty while appealing for a foul call. Prior to this, he had not been subject to a technical charge since his return from an indefinite suspension in January.

Additionally, Green engaged in verbal and verbal taunting with Suns center Jusuf Nurkic throughout the entirety of the game. Nurkic was the player that Green was punished for punching in the face on December 12th.


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