Stephen Curry, Warriors recognize big In-Season Tournament game vs. Kings


Stephen Curry and the Warriors acknowledge their major NBC Sports Bay Area was the first station to broadcast the In-Season Tournament game against the Kings.

The Warriors, led by Steph Curry, are about to compete in the most important game they’ve played so far this season.

Golden State avoided elimination from the NBA In-Season Tournament on Friday by squeaking out a 118-112 victory over the San Antonio Spurs at Chase Center. As a result of this victory, Golden State will now play the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday at Golden 1 Center in a tournament game that they absolutely have to win.

Curry acknowledged the significance of the following day’s contest and provided an explanation to the reporters as to why it is imperative for the Warriors to get off to a strong start against the Kings.

“It’s a big game, you feel the energy of an In-Season Tournament game because of what it means,” Curry told reporters. “The court, it feels like a playoff-type game, and we know we have to win to stay in it, and you have to approach it like a playoff game in order to be successful.”

I have no doubt that they will follow suit, and I anticipate that everyone will have a good time. Because we are quite familiar with it, we are aware of what to anticipate happening. Simply said, we need to put our plans into action and approach the situation with a sense of urgency, particularly at the beginning.

I believe that they have been playing fairly well ever since [De’Aaron Fox] has been back, and I know that they won tonight, so it’s a major deal that they won.

Since the 7th of April of the previous season, the Warriors and Kings will face each other for the 11th time in either the regular season or the postseason when they play on Tuesday.

Curry was not ready to classify the Kings as a competitor earlier this season, and his opinion has not altered since then. Some people consider the rivalry between the Warriors and the Kings to be one of the best current rivalries in the NBA.

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“I’m going to have to check with the committee that actually defines what ‘rivals’ actually means,” Curry commented following the game. “It’s kind of what everyone hopes it will be,” said one person.

I really enjoy the story that goes along with the back-and-forth games, even though we’ve played them a lot over the past couple of years. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a form of basketball that’s a lot of fun and it’s engaging. Because of how they play, you have to be at the top of your game to beat them.

“A seven-game series certainly helps, but as I stated before, we are aware of what to anticipate when we travel to their location. It’s wonderful that there will be a little bit of extra focus placed on the results of this group’s In-Season Tournament. Appropriate that it should go against them.”

On Tuesday, the Warriors will face off against the Beam Team in what is sure to be another intense showdown between these two teams. This will be the case regardless of how Curry and the Warriors choose to characterize their history with Sacramento.


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