'The Burial' 

Jamie Foxx shines as Willie Gary in this realistic dramedy, one of his best roles. This Movies release on October 6, 2023, before streaming it on Prime Video on October 13, 2023. 



Chris Thomas Devlin's epically spooky Cobweb follows Peter (Woody Norman), a little child whose parents Carol and Mark are strict.


'Fair Play' 

Phoebe Dynevor and Alden Ehrenreich play Wall Street coworkers who hide their affection in Chloe Domont's modern psychosexual thriller. 


'Flora and Son' 

John Carney's Flora and Son is another feel-good hit. Eve Hewson plays a chaotic Irish single mother who takes online guitar lessons with a charming LA-based Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


'Haunted Mansion' 

A woman and her son hire a group of spiritual experts to cleanse their home of ghostly squatters in “Haunted Mansion”.


'If You Were the Last' 

Two astronauts fall in love while stranded on a multi-year exploration mission in the film.


'No Hard Feelings'  

Jennifer Lawrence stars in No Hard Feelings, a 2023 American sex comedy about an affluent couple who pay her to date their socially inept son.


'The Nun 2' 

Sister Irene, played by Taissa Farmiga, returns in "The Nun II" five years after the events of the previous movie.


'Old Dads'  

After becoming fathers, three best buddies fight preschool principals, millennial CEOs, and anything after 1987.


'The Pigeon Tunnel'

It takes place against the turbulent backdrop of the Cold War, which continues on until the current day.