Luxurious Car Collection of Adele

Adele, is an English singer-songwriter and She has luxurious cars owns.

Who is Adele?

Adele's owns a Porsche Cayenne, which comes with engine capacity of 2995 cc. It has a price of Rs 1.34 Crores.  

Porsche Cayenne 

Another car in her collection is a Mercedes Maybach S Class coupe, Which comes wiith an engine capacity of 5980 cc and Luxurious features and costs around 3.40 Cr.

Mercedes Maybach S Class  

Range Rover Vogue is a 5 seater SUV, ranges from Rs. 2.39 - 4.17 Crore which comes with an engine capacity of 2997 cc.

Range Rover Vogue  

She owns a Bentley Continental GT, which comes with an engine capacity of 5950 cc and cost around of 8.45 Cr.

Bentley Continental GT 

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